Reflections on life in a post-industrial world

It is no longer news that careers and the work environment look very different in a post-industrial economy than what it used to look  like.  We are all still a bit uncertain how it will pan out, but we do know that 21st century career paths will be very different from what it was like on the 20th century.

I have been reflecting on the fact that the post-industrial economy is not only a knowledge economy, but increasingly also a relentless innovation economy where things change at an ever increasing rate.  Currently I am visiting a number of countries in Europe primarily to establish links and build networks for collaboration.  But this journey also brings ‘life in a post-industrial society’ into sharper focus.

In her book “States and Markets” Susan Strange discusses the knowledge structure of national states, and also how knowledge works and differs from the industrial focus.  She comments that knowledge has an impact based on the three intertwined characteristics:

  1. Who you know
  2. What you know
  3. What your position is

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